Reliable Reporting


Reliable Reporting offers a full range of training and presentation services that can work independently or in conjunction with our Auditor inspection software solution.

Current uses of our product include:

  • Building inspections,
  • Playground inspections,
  • Gymnasium inspections,
  • Food inspections, and
  • Regulating health and safety compliance.

This program is used by insurance companies, municipalities, school boards, housing co-operatives, child care centres, campgrounds and other inspection companies.

Our Auditor inspection program is not limited to large organizations. Single person organizations can also substantially benefit from this inspection and auditing program.

Field personnel enjoy working in the field, not the office. Keeping these important players where they are needed most enriches their jobs, while earning good returns for their employers. Auditor can replace traditional inspection forms and checklists. With wireless add-on products a field inspector does not need to come into the office.

With Auditor there is no justification for the continued use of paper-based forms and unreliable tracking of field data. Auditor speeds up the flow of timely, error-free information, enhancing the decision making process throughout all levels of an organization. Auditor can be adapted to a multitude of applications according to the needs of the user.

Interested in Auditor for your field staff? Please contact us.