Inspection and Compliance Software

Reliable Reporting’s Auditor inspection software program is designed for Canadian and American individuals and organizations in a compliance related field. Auditor can replace traditional inspection forms and checklists. Using this web based software, a field inspector does not even need to come into the office.

Whether you are running your inspection services through a laptop, notebook, iPhone, Android, or tablet PC, this software package can work for you and your organization.

Interested in Auditor for your field staff? Request a no obligation free trial.

Perform inspections on your PDA, smart phone, or laptop

Our Auditor paper replacement system can allow your organization to:

  • Develop basic and advanced inspection program development
  • Create paperless inspection records
  • Manipulate data easily
  • Recognize, evaluate and control hazards
  • Schedule impromptu inspections
  • Provide audit and inspection trails and documentation
  • Perform inspections with fewer errors
  • Create professional presentations of inspection findings
  • Time and date stamp every action for accountability
  • Publish results instantly (wireless)
  • Cancel and move inspections
  • Receive and organize a schedule of inspections
  • View inspection results, status, history and inventory
  • Customize inspection data
  • Capture and insert digital images
  • Evaluate results numerically
  • Assess specific sites for safety concerns and compliance ratings
  • Assist with budgeting based on compliance ratings and scores
  • Link with GPS/GIS systems (optional)
  • Obtain training and support (included)
  • Obtain training (if requested)

Different areas of your organization may have different needs. We will consult with your IT department as well as the departments themselves to ensure that our Auditor system is functioning efficiently.

This program is used by insurance companies, municipalities, school boards, housing co-operatives, child care centres, campgrounds and other inspection companies. Our Auditor inspection program is not limited to large organizations. Single person organizations can also substantially benefit from this inspection and auditing program.

Field personnel enjoy working in the field, not the office. Keeping these important players where they are needed most enriches their jobs, while earning good returns for their employers.

Auditor enables an inspector to carry out his or her inspection using state of the art mobile technologies that allow for storage of data, voices and pictures on a centralized database. Auditor comes with an internal library. Users can also create personal libraries.

The Basics:

The steps in the reporting process

Auditor can be adapted to a multitude of applications according to the needs of the user.

With Auditor there is no justification for the continued use of paper-based forms and unreliable tracking of field data. Auditor speeds up the flow of timely, error-free information, enhancing the decision making process throughout all levels of an organization.

Download sample inspection reports:

Interested in Auditor for your field staff? Request a no obligation free trial.

Reliable Reporting will provide staff training and support to assist your company in managing our Auditor system. Please contact us for more information.